Nomad on a Budget – Prep Work – DIY Sleeping Platform

Hi guys,

I finally found a moment to make use of my NomadBlog ;).

I am planning a couple short trips this summer and want to play in some Casinos in southern Europe and grind a bit online at the beaches as well but I am on a tight budget (as usual haha) so I just turned my “Jeep” with the help of my Dad into a small camper to safe some money on hotels.

poker nomad trip

^ So this was before, we have just removed the backseats and folded the passenger seat in front (can be flipped back up when needed).

poker car

^ Adjusting the platform. Only two things were important to me: 1. storage underneath (measured to fit the plastic boxes I had left over) and 2. a platform to sleep on of at least 2 meter length that can be folded back very easy anytime (my height is already 1,89cm). I really didn’t care about making it fancy or look good, I just wanted it to be functional and sturdy.

poker nomad sleeper

^ The front piece of the platform comes off anytime I need to use the passenger seat (takes like 20 seconds). And this piece has also the perfect height for a laptop when you get that urge to grind poker from the driver seat (Don’t do it while driving! :D).

diy sleeping platform in car, suv, van, truck, jeep

^ The finished platform, I will be taking some more pictures of my grind car in action soon, might put on some old carpet but a blanket will do for now on top of the wood.

It took me and my dad less than 1 hour to set this up and the cost of the project was basically $0 since we had the wood and screws laying around (actually the whole Jeep cost me $0 as well :D) but if you would like to do this small project yourself and don’t have any materials you could use, it won’t cost you more than $30 if you buy the stuff in the hardware store (that’s like the price of 1 night in a shitty hotel hehe, very +EV set up IMO).

If you have any questions about the sleeping platform just let me know, I could share some more detailed pictures but really this is so easy to do even without instruction, anyone can do it in 1-2 hours time if you know what you need.

So yeah, I just wanted to share it here for my fellow PokerNomads, perhaps it will give you some inspiration to build one of those platforms in your car as well some day :).